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Our guiding mission at Chegg is to help students Save Time, Save Money, & Get Smarter. We conduct research to better understand our users and to improve our products.

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Chegg research 101

How it works

Sign up now and we’ll contact you when a research study matches your profile. By participating and providing us with your feedback, you’ll impact the future of our products. We run research sessions from our lab in Santa Clara as well as remotely over the phone.

Who participates?

We're looking for many types of Participants. If you're located in the United States and a high school student, college student or the parent of a student you can participate in our studies.

What you’ll do

During a research session you'll try out a new product or show us how you use current products. Our researchers will ask you a series of questions and you'll give them your honest feedback.

Compensation for your time

We compensate people who participate in our research studies. You can earn between $10 to $150 for participating in our studies. Payment is handled via Tango Card. Our research assistant will give you details regarding payment for the specific study you participate in.

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Compensation for your referrals

Want to earn more Tango Card gift cards? Earn a $100 Tango Card for every 20 students you refer to participate in our studies through our Referral Bonus Program! See below for details.

Have your friends and classmates fill out this survey through the following methods:

  1. Send, via text or email, or share in person the survey to potentially interested parties, and/or
  2. Post the survey link to your personal Facebook page, your Facebook groups, your Instagram account, or your Twitter account (see example here).

You may earn one (1) $100 Tango Card* for every twenty (20) verified referrals (see IV. REFERRALS in the rules below) you obtain. You will receive your Tango Card approximately 1 week after you’ve accumulated 20 verified referrals. Receiving the Tango Card is dependent upon the number of qualified referrals you receive.

* Chegg’s Referral Bonus Program rules and limitations can be found here

Meet our research team

Kaari Peterson

Research Director

Education: Michigan State University, San Jose State University

Rosa Ren

Lead UX Researcher

Education: UC Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mark Wehner

Principle UX Researcher

Education: UC Davis, San Jose State University

Katy Nandagopal

Senior UX Researcher

Education: Florida State University, McMaster University

Jesse Davie-Kessler

UX Researcher

Education: Stanford University, Princeton University

Melissa Rubes

Senior UX Researcher

Education: College of the Holy Cross, Fordham University

Anna Sumner

UX Researcher

Education: Florida State University, San Jose State University

Sara Afraimi

UX Research Assistant

Education: University of California, Santa Barbara

A peek inside the UX team

In 2016, Chegg User Experience Researchers spoke with over 1415 high school and college students. We also collected data from over 7000 survey responses.

Learning directly from our customers (students) helps us make our products better. We've streamlined our book buying process, made it easier to find answers to tough homework questions and easier to access online Tutors.

Examples of the research we do

Onsite Interview

A user researcher might invite you to come to a Chegg office to ask you questions, show you something in development to get your feedback, etc. This type of study typically takes 1 hour.

Remote Interview

Remote research is like Onsite Research except it happens over the phone or web conference. The Researcher will show you various Product Designs via screen sharing and get your feedback.

Field Study

During a Field Study, one of our Researchers will interview you at your home/office. This type of study typically takes 1-2 hours.


Sometimes Chegg Researchers simply need people to respond to Chegg Product-based surveys. Survey completion typically takes 5-10 minutes.

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